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Litton's Produce & Berries


Welcome to our website.  We are pleased to bring you the latest news and specials from our farm in Washington County Maryland.



Here are just a few tips and reminders.

1. For our "Pick Your Own Produce" customers, in order to provide the best possible produce for each and every customer, we will provide you with picking instructions upon your arrival.  Please follow the instructions carefully for the benefit of all.

2. Please call ahead for large quantity orders and special pricing items.

3. Last but not least, enjoy yourselves!



The Blueberry and Raspberry picking is now finished for this year and we thank you  for that business. 


Even though we are closing out our berry season, our list of available vegetables is increasing. We now have zucchini, yellow, and white squash; green bell, sweet banana, and various hot peppers; cucumbers and picklers; heirloom cherry, red, pink, and yellow tomatoes; sweet onions, eggplant, and beets.


Chuck pulled the first sweet corn (bicolor) today. We also have a variety of watermelons fresh from the patch. Cantaloupe shouldn't be too far behind.  So please stop by and pick some fresh veggies and melons.



Hope to see you soon!



A Note About Our Produce


 We are not organic, but we do try to farm as naturally as possible. We do not spray any pesticides on the berry plants when they are fruiting. Of the two different fertilizers we use, one is certified organic, and the ingredients of the other, Growers Mineral Solution, are pure enough that you can drink it if you wish. Our children are our work crew, and we all eat as we pick. 


Litton's Produce & Berries:

17435 Lappans Road

Fairplay, MD 21733



tel.: 301-223-6815



Our Farm Hours

Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat:

  • 8:30 AM - Dusk


8:30 AM- 5:00 PM



  • Closed


Farmers Market

Downtown Hagerstown


  • 5:30 AM - 12:00 PM





Littons Berries and Produce


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